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Open source software (OSS) at Microsoft allows everyone to see, comment, and contribute to the products, services, documentation, sample code, and SDKs they use. I work at Microsoft and my opinions are my own.

The Microsoft documentation set is not a single GitHub repository. It is many repositories, all with active writers, support engineers, and SLAs.

When you see an issue in the docs or you think a concept or technique is unclear, GitHub repositories allow you to:

  • Add an issue, via an Edit button, that is sent directly to the Product group or Content Developer. 
  • Create a pull request (PR), that is sent directly to the Product group or Content Developer. 

Is this open source though? Absolutely. You can immediately impact all users of the docs in a positive way.

2 things you can do when logging an issue against the docs:

  1. Be specific. Your comment is attached to the entire doc. Be specific where in the doc the issue is and what wording, image, or sample code is problematic. 
  2. Be available. Some times an issue is deeper than a simple fix. If someone has a followup question, respond with information if you have it. 

Can you make the fix via a pull request? Yes. That speeds up the process.


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