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One Migration Strategy to Microservices

The concepts of microservices is nice, but if you have a complex existing system the path is neither obvious or easy. I have seen Principal Architects throw up their hands and persuade the business that we need to build a new replacement system and that the old system is impossible to work with. This path tends to lead into overruns and often complete failures – I have recently seen that happen at a firm: “Just one year needed to deliver…” and three years later it was killed off because it had not been delivered.  The typical reported in industry literature statistics of 80—90% failure are very believable.   Over decades, I have seen many failrues (usually on the side lines).  On the other hand, for a planned phrase migration I have seen repeated success. Often success or failure seem to be determined by the agile-ness of the management and technical leads coupled with the depth of analysis before the project start. Unfortunately deep analysis ends up with a waterfall like specifi