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Capturing a Stripe Credit Card Charge

In this article, I'll show you the JSON objects and Angular/Node code to capture a credit card with the Stripe service . The code for this example project is on GitHub . It is a working project so the code may not be exactly like this article by the time you find it. Introduction Capturing credit card information for products, services, and subscriptions is easy with many tools provided by credit card processing companies. Stripe provides an html button that pops up a form to collect credit card information . It is incredibly simple and straightforward. You can control the form to collect more data. You don't need to know how to program it, and it works. Yeah! This article doesn't cover the easy route of button and pop up because Stripe did a great job of that on their website . If you would prefer to control the credit card experience from beginning to end, you may choose to build your own form and process the data you collect to meet your own business needs. I