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Missed placed your installation MSI and need to move Application to another machine?

I was working away from my home office and my library of MSIs was not accessible. I wanted to install some software on a new machine NOW, instead of waiting until I got home in a few weeks.   I remembered that everything that is installed has a copy of the installation MSI copied to C:\Windows\Installer (so programs can be uninstalled later). looking in this folder, I saw {temp file names}.msi and not the original MSI names – rats!  Wait a minute, the MSI’s likely contains information on what it is in its properties. Left clicking on the file list allows you to select what is displayed. Clicking More… gives you “Subject” which is what I am looking for: Now I see what all of the MSI are! Now, I just copy (NOT move) the desired MSI’s to another folder, and renamed them appropriately.  If you move them, then you will cause problems if you wish to adjust features at a later time.   I can now install the stuff that I want, now!

Android Low Energy Bluetooth or a feature that I would love to see in C#

Recently I have been playing with BLE on Android (Samsung S3). One of the issues is no exposed BLE API in the current version of Android. I said, exposed, because by reflection you can find them! Or at least some of them, in some cases, you need to access the BLE library that was supplied to the phone (but not connected to the Android OS.   The process is very simple to identified the library:   First, add the following to the manifest:   < application android:allowBackup = "true" android:icon = "@drawable/ic_launcher" android:label = "@string/app_name" android:theme = "@style/AppTheme" > < uses-library android:name = "" android:required = "false" /> < uses-library android:name = "com.csr.bluetooth.BluetoothExt" android:required = "false" /> < uses-library android:name = "