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SQL Server AAD Authentication Error

Are you seeing this error from your ADO.NET Code Trying to Connect To Your SQL Server via Active Directory Authentication: Exception=System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException (0x80131904): Failed to authenticate the user NT Authority\Anonymous Logon in Active Directory (Authentication=ActiveDirectoryIntegrated). Error code 0x800703FA; state 10 Illegal operation attempted on a registry key that has been marked for deletion.  The issue might be that you are running a windows service or a scheduled task with a user that has logged off. In Windows Server the registry hive for the current user is loaded when the user logs into the machine, and unloaded when they log off. This means that if you service account is running under a user that is logged off then the registry hive will not be available. ADO.NET AAD in .NET 4.6.1 uses the registry hive of the running user -- which could be the user of a service. To solve this problem you need to tell Windows Server not to unload the registry

The Core 2.0 Environment for NodeJs Developers

NodeJs & .Net Core NodeJs and the ecosystems have used very different paradigms until recently. This article will show you where they are similar – the 10,000 feet view – when using the Core 2.0 environment. With NodeJs, as the developer you might have chosen to build a web server or a cli tool.  Your favorite interactive development environment (IDE) might just be a terminal window or Google Chrome DevTools. With (not .Net Core), Microsoft provided the web server ( IIS ) and the IDE ( Visual Studio ). You can develop many different applications including web sites and cli tools. With .Net Core 2.0 , the focus is on portable code, and the result feels much closer to NodeJs. For this article, I'm going to ignore all issues that would make the comparison apples to oranges and instead focus on issues that make the comparison apples to apples. Moving forward, any reference to Core 2.0 will be just . Net Core . NodeJs 6.9.1 will be just No