Installing Motorola Droid as an Android Debug Bridge device

In my last post I successfully installed the Kindle driver as an Android Debug Bridge (adb) device. My Motorola Droid was not recognized as an adb device – and for one application that I am planning to do, I need GPS. So once more into the world of partially correct forum posts.

  1. First item to check was to insure that adb was enabled on the device!  It turned out that I had not enabled it (I had enabled Unknown Sources).
    1. When I connected the USB after changing the adb setting, I received a driver error. The phone now shows as a Drive (G:\) only instead of MTP USB Device.  One step forward, half a step back.
  2. I decided to just double check that the adb is not working… so at the command line,image
  3. What! It’s there. The device ID is different from the Kindle. Smile

This was a mercifully short post.  If I had not double checked, I could easily gone down a rabbit hole trying to get something looking like a phone showing up in the device manager. A rabbit hole that could have resulted in hours of frustrations.  Instead, I just see a misleading “G:\” for my Motorola Droid, and “Kindle” for my Kindle. Aaarrrgh!


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