Post-Ruby High with BDD in .Net

I mentioned in my last post how much I enjoyed Ruby and wanted to continue to use it in my project. That is easier said than done.


In order to leverage all the great Ruby (RoR) tools and methodologies I learned, I’m attempting to find .Net equivalents. This started with finding a Behavior Driven Development (BDD) tool. There are several that come up but they are a hybrid to a BDD (I picked SpecFlow) tool siting on top of a TDD tool (NUnit or MSTest).  I also needed a web driver to make calls to a browser and verify results. I looked at WatiN but went with Selenium.


The next two tools I need to add are a mocking tool (Moq) and an injection tool (probably NInject).


Since the class used GitHub and Heroku, I’ll also stick with that. My GitHub account is DFBerry.  All my example code is posted up their in public repositories.


  1. I have used BDD for good number of projects to record the user acceptance test and the good part is that I was successful in that. Now my next move is towards Nbehave, as it seems to be winner at the moment.

  2. Thank you for this information! I'm really interested in the donation. I have a columbus mmug company and I will share this with all my colleagues and I hope that we will gather the big amount of money to help you.

  3. Sadly, I haven't used BBD before, cause I wait for the review at I am sure that their pros can be trusted in the opinion.


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