Reinstalling Purchased Windows Phone 7 Apps after Mango Update

I purchased Flux a while back (metro version) and it is my favorite RSS reader. When my phone updated to mango, Flux updated the day after. Flux has been rock solid but the mango version wouldn’t even get past the splash screen. While I could have tried rebooting the phone (turn off, take battery out, put battery back, and turn back on), I knew a fresh install would definitely fix the issue.


I uninstalled Flux then, no the phone, went to the Marketplace  and found it again and reinstalled. The interface didn’t say reinstall though, it said “buy.” This is completely misleading. Microsoft knows I purchased the app so I clicked on buy, knowing it really wasn’t a buy but instead a reinstall.


  1. Find app in Marketplace.
  2. “Buy” app which is really just a reinstall. You aren’t charged again.


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