Mobile and Cloud Developers–they are hot, but do they pay?

After my last post, I got some email asking me to add on mobile developer. I added some cloud jobs to the list. The results are below.


Job Number of Jobs (Washington) Salary (Average)
Blackberry Developer


iPhone Developer


Windows Phone developer


Android Developer


IOS Developer


Windows Mobile Developer


Azure Developer


Cloud Developer


EC2 Developer


Solution Architect


.Net Architect




One of the nice thing that Indeed.Com does is also cite how the rates compare nationally. In general I am seeing Washington jobs are 11% below the national average. If you are single, renting then you can likely increase your earnings by 20-30% by moving. Bellingham is 19% below the national average. So the average developer would earn $6K more (or $500/month) by working in Seattle. There are some folks whose jobs are moving to Vancouver, WA – this is 16% below, so they should expect a 3% salary increase (and don’t expect higher wages by crossing into Oregon.. it’s also at 16% below).


Moving for work or the money

The following are spot checks of ‘developer’’ salaries at various spots.

Location From National Average
Washington -11%
Bellingham, WA -19%
Spokane, WA -7%
Redmond, WA -13%
Seattle, WA -13%
Vancouver, WA / Portland OR -16%
Boise, ID -26%
Washington, DC +12%
New York City +21%
Phoenix, AZ -18%
San Francisco +20%
San Jose +22%
Los Angeles +3%
Reno, NV -13%
Las Vegas -16%
Vancouver, BC +25%
Salt Lake City -15%
Tampa, FL -10%
Boston, MA +10%
Alaska -20%
North Dakota -2%
South Dakota -11%
Eugene, OR -6%


Note: Vancouver BC is 25% above average, so some one with dual citizenship or a simple NAFTA work visa could be pulling in 44% more by commuting across the border from Whatcom. I was back channeled by someone who confirmed that there are low skilled folks doing that from Whatcom Co. now. Vancouver has a very high cost of living (average house price is over 1 million dollars – 5x Bellingham), so high wages. It is much easier for a US person to work in Canada than for a Canadian to work in Canada and live in the US (i.e. they would lose their BC Medical insurance etc).


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