Saturday, February 26, 2011

A tale of two conferences…

This month I attended two conference in Vancouver, B.C. One I left looking forward to the next one,  the other I am unsure if I will attend again. I give a table of the characteristics of the two conferences

Attribute Product Camp SQL Saturday
Attendance Limited to 140 (with waiting list) 280+ (no limit)
Breaks Rooms with round tables and sofas In hallways, no seating
Lunch Seating Sitting around round tables Sitting on one side of tables facing stage
Lunch food Buffet ($10) Individual plates brought by staff ($15)
Lunch time activity Talking with each other, making new friends Listening to sponsor presentations (captive audience)
Speakers Local folks Imported from everywhere
Usefulness of talks High (engaged on issues) Low (basics presented in general)
Sessions 4 5
Number of new friends made High Low
Location: University(SFU) Conference Center Commercial Hotel Conference Center
I will leave you to guest which one is which in my opinion. True, one was labeled an “unconference” and one “training event”.

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