The sweetest HTML/Web Site Validator around -- Qualidator

I came across this tool last week and have been using the free version (and likely to upgrade soon to get more features). As the name implies, it not only evaluate technical conformity, but also evaluate the quality of the Html and Css on the page.


Validation separates  HTML Workmen from HTML Professionals / Craftmen.

  • Workmen simply gets the coarse job done. You want a door installed –it’s installed. There may be misalignments, gaps, missing cosmetic hardware, etc. The workmen may see them, but unless nagged  (or threaten) will not do anything more.
  • Craftmen takes pride in their craft – the door will fit, be aligned, look good, open and close smoothly, trim will be well cut and fitted etc.

On the web you will hear voices saying that validation is not needed etc. You will hear fewer voices saying it’s absolutely essential for any professional site. Often the difference is a lack of skills, maturity, and discipline in one of these groups. “If you don’t have the bandwidth, attack as being unnecessary!”


One of the sweet features is detection of Spaghetti Markup. These are items that may become royal pain for maintenance or branding a site.


Try it! The URL is:


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