Prepping for SQL Azure: Step 1

For sometime I have been been meaning to move my 15 year old web site to offsite hosting.  Currently it is hosted on a dedicated server running Windows 2003 and SQL Server 2005.  One of the issues is that over the years I haven't really put much time in to maintaining the technology.  I did upgrade from classic ASP to ASP.NET and did redo some of the pages in ASP MVC.  Lately as the site has slowed I have done some performance optimization in SQL Server like query optimization and index building.  However, it is still running SQL Server 2005.  When I heard about SQL Azure at the PDC two years ago I knew this is where I want to go.  However, I was waiting for R2 of SQL Server 2008 to make migrating a little easier.  In summary there is always an excuse.  So today I thought I would get started and see how far I could get before getting stuck.


“The first thing I learned is that you need to update your database level.”


SQL Azure runs on Level 100.  I was currently running my database on level 70 (yes I started it 15 years ago on SQL Server 2000).  So for a smooth transition I want to update the database level to work out an query issues.  So will you.  Upgrade your level to the highest your SQL Server version will support and work out any issues before making the migration to SQL Azure.  It will help things go smoothly.


Good news is that I am not stuck yet.




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