Code samples for Advanced C# Programming by Paul Kimmel

Over this week I was wanting to look at some code samples for PerfMon in C#. I found a lot pages referencing a PerfMon.sln, including on MSDN – but no one could find the source code.  The above book ( had an entire chapter on it and was available as a eBook.


After a few emails back and forth with McGraw-Hill Education, they finally sent me a downloadable location for the source:


I suspect other folks would appreciate getting access to the samples!


The purpose of getting the code samples was to build a check box tree to select the counters that I wanted to include in SQL Server Management Data Warehouse (aka SQL Server Performance Studio) so it’s a click the counter, click a button and you are logging those counters in your MDW database.


  1. Cheers, was looking for this for quite some time.

    much appreciated.

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  3. right now the download link is not working

  4. Here you go:

  5. Thanks so saved my day!!!

  6. Thanks a lot
    Many day looking for code


  7. hi all everyone .
    i need to project C#


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