Amazon EC2 for Windows The Basics – Part IV

There is a lot of documentation about running Amazon EC2 and if you are having trouble Amazon will quickly direct you to the forums for questions, however there isn’t really a resource from a Windows centric developer to other Windows gurus.  As I 20 year Window veteran, I am going to try to fill that gap with a few blog posts entitled “Amazon EC2 for Windows The Basics”


The second thing I do when install a new windows server is to run Windows Update. 


“The second thing that you need to do on your EC2 instance is install the Windows updates.”


The Windows 2003 R2 instances from ESB are recent to the R2 of Windows 2003, however there are a lot of security hot fixes released since R2.  I like to have them all applied.  It is fairly painless since Amazon amazing download times.


Remember this is Windows 2003, so you need to go back to Windows Update every time it makes you reboot until there are no more updates to install.




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