Application_Start Only Once

Quick note about Application_Start that I noticed when working with ASP.NET MVC. It gets called only once. Which makes total sense, since the application only starts once. However, it gets run only once even if there is an exception thrown from the code within Application_Start. Which means if RegisterRoutes throws an exception, then you need to trigger the application to reset, otherwise your routes will not be registered on the next call. For Example: 1) You code a new route in RegisterRoutes. 2) Compile 3) You request a page, this calls Application_Start 4) There is an exception in your route and RegisterRoutes throws an exception. 5) You attach the debugger. 6) You request the page again to reproduce the error. This is where you notice that the error doesn't happen again, since Application_Start has already been called and attaching the debugger doesn't restart the application. Here are some of the things I know that restarts the application: 1) Edit the web.config -- just add a space. 2) Recompile the application. It would be cool if you could try catch and have the catch restart the application. Or go into an error mode if the Application_Start had an exception. {6230289B-5BEE-409e-932A-2F01FA407A92}


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