Enabled RDC in Windows 7

I am running Virtual Server 2005 and just installed my Windows 7 operating system. One of the first things I usually do is install the machine additions however, even with Virtual Server 2005 SP1 they didn't want to install on Windows 7. Without the Machine Additions from Virtual Server the mouse was really sensitive. This left me with a problem -- I needed to enable RDC on the box without using the mouse. Here are the hot keys that helped me from the Virtual Server 2005 web interface to enable RDC: 1) Ctrl-Esc (Brings Up The Start Menu) 2) Right Arrow to the Second Vertical Bar in the Start Menu. 3) Up Arrow to the Computer Menu item in the Start Menu 4) Shift-Ctrl-F10 (Brings up the Context Menu) 5) Down Arrow in the Context Menu till you get to properties 6) Enter (to select the properties) 7) Now you get the Control Panel Properties for the Computer 8) Esc to close the Start Menu 9) Alt-Tab Until you select the Control Panel Properties Window 10) Tab a couple of times until you get to the tasks menu 11) Down Arrow the highlight to Remote Settings 12) Press Enter 13) Tab to the Radio Button List that enables the RDC. 14) Use the down arrow to select one of the permission levels 15) Tab to the Ok Button 16) Enter to press Ok 17) Tab to the Ok Button 18) Enter to press Ok for Control Panel Properties for the Computer 19) Ctrl-Alt-Del to get the logoff selections screen. 20) Down Arrow and Press Enter {6230289B-5BEE-409e-932A-2F01FA407A92}


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