Hyper-V Configuration Lost With Critical Updates

Critical updates last night (Tuesday 2/10/2009) on my Windows 2008 Server with Hyper-V host operating system, caused my virtual machines not to boot. The error is: "An error occurred while attempting to change the state of the virtual machine [machinename]" '[machinename]' failed to intialize An attempt to read or update the virtual machine configuration failed. The solution to the problem is to: 1) Right click on the virtual machine in the server manager under Roles | Hyper-V | Hyper-V Manager 2) Choose Settings and write down all your settings you are going to need to re-enter them. 3) Choose Delete 4) You get a warning that the configuartion will be deleted, however not the hard drives. 5) Choose Yes. 6) Click On New From the Actions Window and Choose Virtual Machine 7) Walk through the wizard and reset up the virtual machine, when you get to the connect virtual hard disk window, choose: "Use an exisitng virtual hard disk" and select your old disk. Note: You will notice that you lost your network configurtions also. This will need to be re-added to. {6230289B-5BEE-409e-932A-2F01FA407A92}


  1. The error message that I received was slightly different, but the problem was the same.

    '[machinename]' failed to read or update the virtual machine configuration: Unspecified error (0x80004005) (Virtual machine F20C1488-E4D6-4FA9-A0C8-6DD2AEFD575C)

  2. well it would be veryy nice if you can get them to work without delete them up....


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