Mesh and IE Favorates

I have been playing around with Mesh a bit of late. Mostly good other than on a few of my machines, Mesh refused to install. Either the install itself failed or it just never allowed me to sign in.

But, I figured out one use for Mesh this morning that made it all come together: sharing IE Favorites. After installing Mesh, share the following folder on each machine:

Xp, 2003:
C:\Documents and Settings\%USERNAME%\Favorites\Links

Vista, 2008:

Make sure when resolving the share location of the folder on subsiquent machines, you browse to the location above.

Now your IE links are synced across machines.



  1. is better for sharing Favorites and whatnot. Mesh is ok, but it has a limited storage space and stores your folders in the cloud as well as on your computers while Live Sync just syncs your computers. I would think that Microsoft would merge these two services eventually and take the stupid 20 folder limit away from sync providing a switch or something to sync to their Live Desktop in the cloud or not.


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