Google Chrome And IIS 5.0

Don't get me wrong, I like Google Chrome, and it's application shortcut that makes a web application appear like a windows application is an eye opener.  However, it reminds me of IIS 5.0.  When IIS 5.0 was released everyone was so excited that you could run the web site application in a separate process, giving you one process per web site.  This meant if a web site crashed it wouldn't take down the rest of the sites on the server.  However, it was soon realized that windows can only handle a finite amount of threads somewhere between 500 - 800 before it slows to a crawl.  This is why you need to be very careful when multi-threading. All the IIS 5.0 web sites with 5-10 threads a piece where chocking the OS.   So IIS 5.0 was replaced with IIS 6.0 where you could group web sites into a single process.  Back to Chrome: 26 threads just to run in one process.  The other processes are running 9 threads a piece.  Just for you that don't know, each tab in Chrome runs in a separate window process and closing a tab closes the process, freeing the OS resources, threads, memory, etc... A noble idea to contain and isolate web applications that have run away javascript.  However, this isn't Linux -- you can't just fork as much as you want.



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