.Net SiteMap using Sql Provider - change to handle role trimming

My site has two roles: Admin, SecureUser, and three types of content:Admin, SecureUser, Public. I found that the code in the last post from Jeff Prosise wasn't managing roles in the SiteMap. For a visitor to the site that has not logged on (anon), the site map improperly showed Admin and Public pages. I checked the web.config and the SQL statement so it had to be either the database caching or the sql provider for sitemaps.

I google'd and found several posts in 2006 about this but none since so I knew it had to have been resolved. I found this blog post by Ishai Hachlili that had the code to deal with roles correctly. I added the code and the problem went away.

I'm not sure the code is robust enough to handle a large site but it fixed the problem for now.

As an aside, several of the 2006 posts said to just fix the web.config by making sure the <location> tags were correct. This meant any user could see links for the site that were restricted but would be denied access once they actually clicked on the page.  The location tags are only one solution to the problem. You need to have the sitemap, roles and the <location> tag to solve the problem. I go one step further and have the master page (1 for each area of the site) check the user and deny access.



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