NetTiers Template Integration with Existing Solution

I've been working for two hours to get my existing NetTiers CodeSmith Template to generate the files the way I need them. The NetTiers template gets 90% there out of the box but the template tips for each line item are sometimes obsure or require another lineitem to be TRUE. Then there is a fair bit of user error such as what to name the libraries created by the template, the directory they should be sent to. One error right out of the box is the LibraryPath value. It's inconviently stuffed in the Advanced CRUD section and just says Reference. After the projects try to build but fail but to the reference libraries not found, I figured out what was going on.

NetTiers generates the web service and client pieces which I keep in the template but don't use.

No I'm working on making sure my project library which includes all the libraries built by NetTiers CodeSmith has the right hierarchy in terms of having functions where I would expect them to be.

I'm sure at some point I'll actually get to the point where I call some of these great new classes.


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