More NetTiers configuration

Building Separately

Building the NetTiers projects are getting tedious inside my main web app solution. I'm now building them separately and just moving into my main solution as references to each project. While I'm making so many database design changes, that is the best option. When the table designs and relationships are in place, I may move the .NetTiers projects back into my main solution.

Table Standards

One of my tables had the 'name' column as the last column as opposed to the column immediately following all the id,pk,fk columns. NetTiers decided only the next column after the id,pk,fk must be the most meaningful. It used this column which was not the name column but some non-determining column as the value for drop down lists in it's web admin site. So for everytable who had this table as a fk, this non-determining column populated as drop down list. So I had to change that in the database then regenerate the NetTiers projects.

NetTiers Admin site not converting to web app

This seems to be a common problem. One googled answer said to rebuild the project twice in a row and the conversion would succeed. I don't know what I did but when I selected the Admin folder and choose convert, I got a bogus error. Then I converted each file individually, and it succeeded.

NetTiers Admin Quick Look

The NetTiers CodeSmith templates create an admin site  (if you configure it to). Here is what a couple of the pages look like:


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