Monday, March 24, 2008

ID ten T error (ID10T): Check the data

I finally got NetTiers up and running and wanted to see my data. I choose the last data table I designed. I just spent an hour trying to use NetTiers to see my data with their version of a DataSource for that table. I finally figured out the table has nothing to see. Ugh!!!


The last hiccups were web.config issues. Easily found answer on google.


So NetTiers templates are configured. NetTiers projects are integrated into my solution with several other projects. Everything builds. I can call the highest level web and data NetTiers objects. Now time to check in to source control. I'm checking in entire NetTiers template tree, all generated files from the templates, and all changes to my web app so that I can use NetTiers.

I don't build directly into my project tree so I have to copy the generated files over. This is a failsafe for now that I expect to eventually remove.

I already have a change to a table to make so I'll figure out how I want that process to go.


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