How do you GridView?

I've been stuck in build hell for a week but now back to code. I want data that would normally be a JOIN between two tables. It's a join between ProfileProperties and UserProfileValues. But since I'm using NetTiers for my middle tier and I just want to get going, I'm writing a subpar GridView. The first column is pulled from a select of all profile properties provided by my ProfileDataSourceObject given to me by NetTiers. The second column is a function with a param of the profile property. The function grabs the user from the context and the profile property from the param, then determines what (if any) value has been set. This is not how I should do things. And since I usually don't do it this way, I'm sort of having to relearn some aspx syntax on how to do this.

I much prefer to have SQL return this data and just format it in the GridView. SQL doesn't change everytime Microsoft releases a new version of Visual Studio.

How would you do this?



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