CodeSmith NetTiers discovery of a custom stored procedure

I have a table with two FKs. NetTiers creates a stored proc for the PK as well as a stored proc for each FK however it doesn't create a stored proc that uses both FKs as the IN params. So I need to create this in a way that NetTiers can discover it and build the code objects to support it.

First I have to create the stored proc with a discoverable name. This requires several settings in the NetTiers template. First, that I want custom stored procs discovered so IncludeCustoms=true. Second, I want any stored procs to have a naming prefix so ProcedurePrefix=usp. Third, I need to handle the actual name of the stored proc. NetTiers uses discovery based on a template where the zeroth parm is the table name and the first parm is the Procedure Prefix so CustomProcedureStartsWith={1}_cust_{0}_. The remainder of the stored proc name is irrelevant but what is returned is very important. I usually return all columns which is NetTiers default object handling. If I choose not to include all columns, I would have to deal with an IDataReader or a DataSet.

If all the other stored procs and NetTiers code has been generated and you only new a few stored procs to be discovered, make sure to set ExecuteSQL=false and SourceTables=(only immediate tables.)

Once you generate your objects, you can verify the stored proc was discovered by looking in the Data layer in the base directory for the TableNameProviderBase.generatedCore.cs in the Custom Methods region.


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