Monday, February 18, 2008

Movin' along with .net 2.0 web project in c#

I'm getting farther along in my new pet project. I had many issues with converting to a web application project. Then I balked at which style of data access/data layer to use. Then I fidgetted with notation and styles. After wasting bunches of time, I'm finally moving along. Data is going in, data is going out. It looks aweful and the backend is a SQL client. But the user functionality is moving along. The rest can be fixed after I feel some momentum.

So I'm using 2.0 c# with sql backend. Enterprise Framework from MS patterns and practices. MS Membership provider with a SQL provider. Data layer is business objects with provider model. I have nunit plugged in but haven't written in unit tests yet. Argh!

Since I'm not a graphic designer, it looks BAD. A bad ripoff of


Programming to


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