Back To Anonymous Types

C# .NET 3.0 has anonymous types, since I am working on some legacy projects I have the experience of using anonymous types already in VBScript.  Remember classic ASP? Not having to Dim your variables, and being able to assign a variable to an int, then a string.  Has it been so long ago that you forgotten all the fun you have had with anonymous types in classic ASP?

I have a project that is classic ASP and SQL Server, if we change the SQL Server column (i.e. rename it or change the type) we have to scan the classic ASP (Find In Files) then make the changes to all inline SELECTS, UPDATES, and DELETES.

So then we got smart and changed to stored procedures, now if the type changes the stored procedures doesn't compile, easier to find places that need to be changed, however we had to adjust the classic ASP to handle the new type as an output -- really not a problem becuase all VBScript is anonymous types. 

So then we got really smart and used ASP.NET CLR 2.0, a class library to talk to our database, and SQL Server.  We generated the class library from CodeSmith using the database schema as a template for the library.  Now we are doing really good.  If the database type changes, the class library changes (we regenerate it), and any code behind that is calling the class library will break becuase of the type change.  Strongly typed language how nice.

Now we have LINQ -- back to anonymous types, we can jump on the bandwagen and rewrite all our code behind to call LINQ.  Now if we make a database change we are back to find In files.  Full circle to our VBScript days. Yippee.




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