Friday, January 4, 2008

TreeView.FindNode returns null when PathSeparator is not set

I'm writing a web app that connects a treeview control with a ajax slide show. Tons of feature creap but what is new.

I don't get a chance to program as often as I would like so when problems pop up like FindNode returning null on a valid ValuePath, I assume it's me, my programming, my install, my whatever.

I look at the docs, I look at sample code. I even look for other people having the problem but I don't see any solutions but others definitely having the problem. In one forum, the poster mentions that he figured out his path separator can't be a symbol in the valuepath. Hmmm. If you don't set the PathSeparator, it defaults to "/" which is the same thing as the directory structure I'm using in the valuepath. So problem is solved when I explicitly set the PathSeparator to "|".







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