Monday, January 28, 2008

Seattle Code Camp: Entity Framework Essentials


Jonathan Carter, Microsoft Developer Evangelist, gave an introductory talk about the Entity Framework which has just had a Community Preview release. It is basically a middle layer framework driven by Domain Driven Design for creating and extending objects on top of a data source. The data source presented was SQL Server but you could imagine all sorts of layers. There are two parts, the Entity Model and the framework for A simple but nowhere complete comparison could be drawn to CodeSmith. Open Visual Studio, create a "file". You are asked for a data source and data objects to include. The framework displays an Entity Relationship diagram which you can dink with to create the objects the way they will work for the upstream code and not the downstream DB.

While the presentation was a tad buggy, the framework looks like it is going someplace cool.

The best part was the intellisense to your objects you just created via the framework as well as the underlying data. This was best represented by a URI demonstation to get at the data - similar to a web service test page. Type in your URI for an object called customer with a customerid of 23 to get the Title of the customer: http://server/page.x?customer(23)/Title/ displays the result.


Community Preview Download

ADO.NET Team Blog

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